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Our business at Precis Mecanic

mecanique precision, usinage precision : Precis MecanicFounded in 1966, Precis Mecanic currently employs 40 people and applies its expertise to two main fields: precision mechanics and machining, especially of copper. Additional operations complement these techniques: surface treatment, assembly of systems and subsystems, various other types of construction ...

Precis Mecanic also specialises in the manufacture of complex items which require a high-performance production tool and experienced operators. In addition, Precis Mecanic co-produces items with its customers with the support of its Methods department.

Precis Mecanic general policy

Culminating in its ISO 9001 certification in 2007 rewarding the quality of its work, Précis Mécanic has grown over the past 30 years through investment in new techniques and the modernisation of its structures and production tools. Precis Mecanic is currently above the national average in terms of investment in new machines. The 2004 study conducted by the Department of Studies and Industrial Statistics (SESSI) shows that investment by Précis Mécanic attains 9,3 % as opposed to 4,6 % on average for companies working in the field of general mechanics with 20 to 499 employees (Investment effort = investments + lease financing/VAHT)

The Pyramide Group

In 1997, Philippe SAUNIER-PLUMAZ initiated the creation of the PYRAMIDE Group which entailed the grouping of 5 companies with different activities on the same site. This association made it possible to make global offers to major companies and to position the Pyramide Group as a provider of turnkey solutions.

- Mechanical engineering: PRECIS MECANIC - 04 76 26 39 39 -

- Mechanical surface treatment: Ets CROUZET - 04 76 53 3390 -

- Wiring-assembly: GERMAIN DEBON - 07 76 85 99 99 -

- Industrial painting and decoration: SAUNIER - PLUMAZ - 04 76 27 52 80 -

Customer references

Major companies such as Schneider Electric, Siemens, Areva, Bosch and JST Transformateur are among our customers. These companies operate in very different sectors. Take a look at examples of work we have done for them in the following sectors: electrical systems, chemical industry, electronics industry, transport industry and manufacturing industry. : Electrical systems, Chemical Industry, Electronics industry, Transport industry and Manufacturing Industry.

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