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- Advice and support early on in the design process
Our in-house design department, working together with our customers, enables us to draw up plans for systems and subsystems early on in the design process of a component.

- Process Qualification
We conduct qualification tests of the process and parts on pre-series components, prior to production and directly on the machine. In this way, we ensure the quality of the component.

- Supplier reliability
We handle articles for our customers under the terms of a “logistics contract”; this includes a pre-established delivery schedule and availability of a fixed amount of stock as a precaution. We also provide supply chain logistics using transfer packaging.
In this way, our customers can be completely reassured with respect to their supplies.
Currently, 98% of our deliveries are on time.

- Copper and aluminium machining specialist
We machine components made of all types of material while specialising in copper and aluminium.

- Simultaneous 5-axis machining (Integrex)
We use a vertical 5-axis Mazak Integrex turning centre. The milling spindle can be tilted up to 150° for vertical and horizontal machining operations in addition to oblique boring and multi-face milling.

- Our machine base
Our machine base comprises 7 machining centres and 12 digital control turning centres. These are driven by computer-assisted manufacturing software: “MASTERCAM” and “CAMLINK”.
In addition to these digital machines, we also use traditional lathes, mills, drills and tapping machines.


BrandTypeInstallation dateTravelDigital control StoreCharacteristics
LEADWELL MCV-610 CR 1995 610 x 410 x 410 FANUC.OM 24 tools 4th axis with CNC NIKKEN divider 170 diameter
LEADWELL Type TDC 450 1993 and 1994 450 x 350 x 250 MITSUBISHI in revolving turret 10 tools 2 angle-heads for machining long end parts or 6 hydraulic vices
LEADWELL Type MV-1000 1998 1000 x 510 x 650 FANUC.OM 24 tools 4th axis with CNC NIKKEN divider 250 diameter
BROTHER (Qté : 2) Type TC-32A 2000 450 x 320 x 310 BROTHER 26 tools Tapping and drilling centre, with integrated pallet, 8 MICROLOC hydraulic vices per pallet
MAZAK INTEGREX 300II SY 2004 580 x 210 x 1605 MAZATROL 640 MT 5 axis 40 tools Swivel head turning/milling centre and back-working spindle
MAZAK INTEGREX 400 H-S ll 2008 320 diameter 1500 lenght MAZATROL MATRIX 5 axis 80 tools Swivel head turning/milling centre and back-working spindle


BrandTypeInstallation dateTravelDigital control StoreCharacteristics
MAZAK SQT 250-MSY 2001 3.5 axis diameter 320 length 1500 MAZATROL 640 T 12 tools Axial and radial milling Lathe with pickup spindle and bar feed
MAZAK SQT 250-MY 2000 3.5 axis diameter 320 length 1500 MAZATROL 640 T 12 tools Axial and radial milling
MAZAK QT 18-N 1994 320 diameter 1500 length MAZATROL T PLUS 16 tools High pressure spraying at 27 bars
MAZAK QT 10 1995 160 diameter 260 length MAZATROL T PLUS 16 tools Bar feed possible
DAEWOO PUMA 12L 1996 480 diameter 1020 length FANUC.OT 10 tools Gear box
GILDMEISTER CTX 400 1994 290 diameter 600 length FANUC OT 12 tools Copper and aluminium plate specialist
MAZAK (Qté : 2) NEXUS 250M 2004 350 diameter 500 length MAZATROL T PLUS 12 tools Axial milling
MAZAK NEXUS 350M 2005 480 diameter 1200 length MAZATROL 640T 12 tools 3 Axis axial milling Digital eyeglasses Bar feed possible
MAZAK MULTIPLEX 6200 Y 2006 320 diameter 530 length MAZATROL 640T 24 tools 8 axis centre completely automated twin- spindle milling
MAZAK MULTIPLEX 6200 Y 2007 diameter 320 530 length MATRIX 24 tools 8-axis turning centre completely automated twin-spindle milling

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